by Perk's Pollinators on October 29, 2011

We are so enthusiastic about launching our products during this beautiful fall season. Just as our bee colonies are busy preparing for the winter ahead, here at Perk's Pollinators, we are doing the same! During the cold months, honeybees are expert at conserving their energy yet keeping their queen and brood nest warm enough to survive. Most of us do the same - staying indoors, picking up inside projects that we put aside in the spring. The combination of indoor heat and the cool outdoor temperatures can wreak havoc on our skin. In addition, the necessity of frequent hand washing in order to avoid viral illness can send our skin over the edge! Prior to using our balms, I suffered from dry, cracked and often painful hands in the winter months. We know you'll be glad to discover that Bee Drops will stay on your hands even through a few hand washings!

We are proud of our natural, organic and locally sourced ingredients. Imagine skin care products that are actually safe enough to eat! I will sometimes discover that our cat, Blackberry, has been nibbling at the hand balm that I keep by the kitchen sink! She must need some extra oil in her diet. :) 

With that in mind, we are currently developing a Cook's Balm! A hand product that you can keep on your hands while safely cooking. We'll keep you posted on that one.

We look forward to working for you and your precious skin - just like those awesome honeybees!


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