Perk's Anniversary

by Perk's Pollinators on November 13, 2012

Can it be that a year has passed since launching our beloved Perk's Pollinators? It has certainly been a busy and rewarding time. Our inspirational bee colonies have enjoyed a gorgeous spring and summer. Thanks to their industry and dedication, we've had bumper crops of plums, pears, pineapple guavas, pomegranates, quince, persimmons and the Meyer lemons are just beginning to ripen! Most of the colonies made plenty of honey, gathered sufficient pollen and are now hunkered down for the winter. We won't disturb them until late winter when they will begin to expand their brood nest once again. Until then, we beekeepers will clean and sanitize equipment, melt beeswax, and prepare for the busy spring season.

All of this bodes well for Perk's products – fresh, beautiful beeswax ready to establish the rich foundation for our body balms! Some of you may have noticed that Perk's has added a few new products to our ever-developing line:

  • Bee a Rose Face Cream

  • Baby Bee's Balm

Check out our website: to see more detailed descriptions of each of these products.

In addition, we have some brand new offerings and just in time for your holiday gift-giving! However, I must give a heartfelt thanks to so many of our devoted family members, friends and customers who have been generous with their feedback and encouragement. These new products would not have been possible without your trials and valuable input.

New pictures and product descriptions will be up and running on the website very soon. Until then, here is a preview of our newest “Bee-inspired Body Balms”:

  • Coconut with Citrus Body Butter – creamy and delectable in a beautiful glass jar

  • Coconut with Lavender Body Butter – soothing and relaxing

  • Rosemary Grapefruit Cook's Balm – all of our Cook's balms rolled into one extra special product!

  • Lavender Flower Salt Scrub – a lovely variation of our Lavender Rose Salt Scrub!

  • Creamy Almond Body Oil – for massage or very dry skin that needs extra pampering. My swimming friends and I love this blend.

Last but not least, is our newest venture - “Bee-inspired Bites”! Thanks to encouragement from our friends at the Made Local Marketplace, our granola hit MLM's shelves this past summer. Sweetened with the perfect blend of honey and maple syrup, gluten-free oats, flax seed, lots of nuts and shaved coconut combine for a healthy and crunchy breakfast or snack.

  • Coconut Granola – organic and gluten free!

  • Coconut Granola with Shaved Dark Chocolate – organic, gluten free, decadent and delicious!

When ordering for the holidays, please write a note specifying when you'd like to receive your order. In this way, we can insure that you have the freshest possible products for your holiday gifts.

Our warmest holiday wishes to you and yours,



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