About Us

Honeybees have been revered for millennia by cultures around the world for their healing products, and Perk’s Pollinators gets them straight from the source!

Concerned about the health and well being of these vital pollinators, Paty Perkins began keeping bees in 2008.  She maintains two hives in her garden and orchard in Petaluma, California.  With pears, apples, quince, plums, guavas, pomegranates and more on offer, the bees certainly had their work cut out for them, and after 25 years of gardening, Paty noticed that the addition of the bee colonies increased her harvest like never before.

Perk’s Pollinators pairs the freshest local beeswax with natural and organic ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible) to make balms, creams, scrubs and oils.  Beeswax and honey have powerful emollient benefits, but also serve as antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and humectant agents, drawing moisture into the skin and creating a protective barrier.  All products are handmade in small batches from the very start (harvesting the beeswax) to finish.

Paty, an enthusiastic and knowledgeable beekeeper, is continually learning, inspired, and in awe of these miraculous pollinators - honeybees.